Clementine Morrigan is a writer. She is the writer behind the zines Love Without EmergencyFuck the Police Means We Don't Act Like Cops to Each OtherFucking Crazy, and Fucking Girls. She also wrote the books SextingFucking Magic, Trauma MagicYou Can't Own the Fucking StarsThe Size of a Bird, and Rupture. She has been writing and publishing for more than 20 years and has many more projects on the way. They are also a podcaster as one half of the podcast Fucking Cancelled and they're the creator of the popular Trauma Informed Polyamory workshop. They also teach other workshops like Bisexual Girls with Baggage and Disorganized Attachment Is a Fucking Trip. She is an ecosocialist, an anarchist, an abolitionist, an opposer of cancel culture, a trauma educator, a sex educator, a person living with complex ptsd, a sober alcoholic, a polyamorous bisexual dyke, and a proud dog mom to Clover “the dog” Morrigan.

Welcome to my newsletter, a place where you will find my long form writing online. The name for this newsletter is a line from Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy. I highly recommend you read those books if you have not already.

My writing here will be about a synthesis of various things: anarchism, ecosocialism, abolitionism, post-capitalist desire (to use Mark Fisher’s term), critiquing and challenging the Nexus (a combination of social media, identitarianism, and cancel culture, which you can also hear me talk about on my podcast Fucking Cancelled with my partner Jay), nervous system education, attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, and other trauma recovery related topics, twelve steps, spirituality, sexuality, polyamory, rewilding, systems theory, science fiction, poetry, and presence.

The topics which draw me in and hold my heart might seem disparate, but to me they are pieces of a greater whole. They are tools that I use toward dreaming up an integrated, trauma informed, ecological, spiritual socialism that meets people (and the earth) where we are, and throws no one away. This newletter is a place for me to think through my ideas as they unfold, to keep my readers up to date with my thinking, and to share the writers who are currently inspiring me and pushing me forward.

More than anything this writing is about giving a fuck. It is about abandoning resignation and living with a rebellious heart. Believing that great, unbelievable levels transformation are possible, because they have to be. And it is only by believing in this that we can act as if it is possible and move toward a world where it is.

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Thanks for being here.

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